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    Drawing Out Ideas: Computer Models, Artworks and the Generation of Knowledge

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2017)

    London, UK, 11 - 13 July 2017


    Jonathan Michaels



    In this paper I describe my implementation of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #123 in an object-oriented programming language (‘Processing’). I defined objects, properties, methods and parameters, based upon explicit or implied details in LeWitt’s original work. Where additional assumptions or parameters were needed, I sought evidence from other sources, such as contextual information from the writings of the artist, previous implementations of the same artwork and experimentation with iterations of parameter values. I reflect upon insights generated through considering this process in the context of my experience in a different field, specifically the development of evidence-based guidance in healthcare. This project was carried out as a part of my PhD in Fine Art, which investigates the commonalities and differences between knowledge production through software development for digital art and healthcare modelling, and the implications that this may have for understanding the potential value to other disciplines of encounters with artistic processes or products.


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