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    Natural Media

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2017)

    London, UK, 11 - 13 July 2017


    Carl H Smith, Jazz Rasool, Nick Lambert, Robert Pepperell, Tony Langford, Lena Korkovelou & Alistair Burleigh



    Natural perception usually leads sensations to be able to be registered with awareness, but not necessarily be processed. This is typically a state developed with mindfulness practices. Unlike this natural registration-only perception, most current immersive technologies universally process information. Natural perception can stimulate subconscious registration without higher functioning processing. However, camera and other imaging-based technologies, especially digital devices, almost always initiate processing, reducing the possibility of subconscious registration typically engaged with during dreaming and other creative states of mind. Forms of media that adopt natural perception properties and behaviours can be considered to be natural media.


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