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    Constructing a Dance Pathography: Integrating the performing arts, multimedia and digital medical humanities

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2018)

    London, UK, 9 - 13 July 2018


    Eugenia S. Kim



    The role of dance in society has become increasingly interdisciplinary and transformed through the use of technology. This expands its possibilities as a means of non-verbal communication. Similarly, the integration of the arts and humanities with medical science expands the range of possibilities offered to researchers of all disciplines to communicate about the experience of illness as well as contribute to treatment.

    One illness that is made more complex by its history and social stigma is adolescent bipolar disorder (ABPD). Similar yet distinct from adult-onset bipolar disorder, ABPD exacts a toll on the patients and the people around them. At the same time, early intervention is possible and potentially effective. Yet there are still few narratives created about ABPD that can educate the public about the need for empathy and early intervention - a gap that could potentially be filled by dance and other creative arts.

    This short paper describes the author’s process for creating a virtual reality (VR) dance pathography prototype. The process will form the basis for a participatory research workshop.


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