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    Optimizing Blockchain for data integrity in Cyber Physical Systems

    5th International Symposium for ICS & SCADA Cyber Security Research 2018 (ICS-CSR 2018)

    29 - 30 August 2018, University of Hamburg, Germany.


    Konstantinos Koumidis, Panayiotis Kolios & Christos Panayiotou



    Securely maintaining log records for audit and accountability purposes is key for the proper operation of Cyber-Physical Systems. Thus, integrity of data used by Supervisory Control and Data acquisition (SCADA) components for monitoring and control functionalitiesmust be ensured. In this work, we consider a blockchain-based scheme for enhancing the integrity of measurements recorded in ledger blocks while taking into account particular application constraints within our problem formulation. Particularly, our formulation considers the real-time requirements of the monitoring and control functions and optimizes the blockchain computations for efficient resource utilization in order to deliver hard to tamper blocks of measurements. Performance analysis of the resulting mathematical programming solution is conducted through extensive simulation results.


    PDF file PDF Version of this Paper 840(kb)