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    Works-in-Progress papers

    The potential of hybridising interactive eye tracking technology with decision support in medical image interpretation
    Laura McLaughlin, Raymond Bond, Jonathan McConnell, Ciara Hughes & Sonyia McFadden

    A preliminary study of semantics elicited by haptic stimulation of buttons by shape and haptic texture by using a single-key handheld device
    Chao Yang Yang, Yu Ting Chen & Chang Li Pao

    Evaluating the Human Machine Interface experience in industrial workplaces
    Erik Aranburu, Ganix Lasa & Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia

    A smart nocturnal environment monitoring system for the hearing impaired
    John Finlay, Stefan Greppmair, Michael Jennings, Matthew Kane, Johannes Leopold, Philip Catherwood & James Uhomoibhi

    The Future of Laboratory Information Systems: User Input Impacting the Development of Laboratory Information Systems
    Megan Patterson

    Everybody is talking about Virtual Assistants, but how are people really adopting and using them?
    Dr Marta Perez Garcia, Sarita Saffon Lopez & Hector Donis

    An IoT for Everyone: Fact or Fiction?
    Tomás García Ferrari, Annika Hinze & Judy Bowen

    Case Study of Data Mining Mutual Engagement
    Nick Bryan-Kinns

    Perceptions of Sharing Everyday Purchases
    Anton Fedosov, Leonid Ivonin & Marc Langheinrich

    An Instrument for Assessing E-Commerce Web Object Designs against Guidelines for Older Adults
    Rozianawaty Osman & Faustina Hwang

    The effects of video instructor's body language on students' distribution of visual attention: an eye-tracking study
    Jiawen Zhang, Marie-Luce Bourguet & Gentiane Venture

    An exergame themed on the power of religious belief for stroke/motor rehabilitation
    Rajat Singla, Ravi Raja Ganta & Kavita Vemuri

    WeightMentor: A New Automated Chatbot for Weight Loss Maintenance
    Samuel Holmes, Anne Moorhead, Raymond Bond, Huiru Zheng, Vivien Coates & Mike McTear

    An AR Memory App Based on Māori Mnemonic Aids
    Ivy Taia, Annika Hinze & Nicholas Vanderschantz

    A Heterogeneous traffic virtual-reality simulator to study irritation/anger and driving behaviour under adverse conditions
    Mayank Agrawal & Kavita Vemuri

    A Prototype Design for a Virtual Hospice and Initial Usability Study
    Andrea Taylor & Geoff Wilcock

    A School Survey on Use and Knowledge of Apps and Websites for Promoting Mental Wellbeing
    Andrea Taylor

    A Model-based Heuristic Evaluation Method of Exploratory Search
    Emilie Palagi, Fabien Gandon, Alain Giboin & Raphaël Troncy

    Vowel Formant Profiles and Image Schemata and Auditory Display
    Stephen Roddy & Dermot Furlong

    ALBIGen - A Framework to create managed and distributed digital signage systems based on Laravel and iBeacons
    Christian Roschke, Rico Thomanek, Robert Manthey, Maik Benndorf & Marc Ritter

    A Rendering Model for Emotional In-air Handwriting
    Ziqian Chen, Marie-Luce Bourguet & Gentiane Venture

    EasiSocial: Recommendations in the development and training of social media tools for older people
    Kyle Boyd, Raymond Bond, Chris Nugent & Mark Donnelly

    Auditory Stream Disruption in Human-Computer Interaction
    Ronan O'Dea, Rokaia Jedir & Flaithri Neff

    Collaborative Learning: Team Size and the Scientific Field as Influencers
    Dulce Pacheco & Luisa Soares

    Multitasking and Monetary Incentive in a Realistic Phishing Study
    Haoruo Zhang, Shirish Singh, Xiangyang Li, Anton Dahbura & Meng Xie

    Mapping the health, safety and wellbeing challenges of firefighting to wearable devices
    Michael Devine, Raymond Bond, Victoria Simms, Karen Boyce & Daniel Kerr

    Towards Comprehensive Information Security Awareness: A Systematic Classification of Concerns among University Students
    Ali Farooq, Shamil Alifov, Seppo Virtanen & Jouni Isoaho

    The Monarch Room: An Interactive System for Visualization of Global Migration Data
    Ana Caraban, Teresa Paulino Ricardo Pereira, Robert Spence & Pedro Campos

    Infusing Mindfulness Capability into Pedagogical Agents
    Nguyen-Thinh Le

    Towards Fostering Play Between Separate Spaces in a Public Venue
    Robb Mitchell, Anastasia Giannousi, Christina Fyhn Nielsen, Larissa Nägele, Camilla Schibsbye, Lars Viberg-Sørensen, Aoxue Shi & Fang Yufeng

    Swirly: For Technology Supported Collaborative Pretend Play, Just Add Water
    Larissa Nägele, Randi Nielsen & Robb Mitchell

    Visuocognitive Fluency Facilitating ECG Interpretation with Visual Metaphors and Expressive Tags
    Jonathan Gay, Victoria Simms, Raymond Bond, Dewar Finlay, Helen Purchase, Aaron Peace & Stephen Leslie

    Light Saver: Wearable LEDs to Hunt, Reward, Show Off and Equalise
    Katrine Løck Worm, Dora Vagner, Camilla Schibsbye & Robb Mitchell

    A Machine Learning Approach to Correlate Emotional Intelligence and Happiness based on Twitter Data
    Sistla Sai Shravani, Niraj Kumar Jha & Rajlaksmi Guha

    The Impact of Design on Feelings of Trust and Online Information for Family Caregivers of People with Dementia
    Thana Hussein, Jennifer Boger & Frank Rudzicz

    LPWAN Wearable Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring for Heart Failure Prevention
    Philip Catherwood, Joseph Rafferty, Stephen McComb & Jim McLaughlin

    Get Your Project Funded: Using Biometric Data to Understand What Makes People Trust and Support Crowdfunding Campaigns
    Mhairi McNeill, Alistair Lawson, Robert Raeside & Tom Peisl

    Synthetic Ground Truth Generation for Testing, Technology Evaluation and Verification (SyntTEV)
    Robert Manthey, Rico Thomanek, Christian Roschke, Marc Ritter & Danny Kowerko

    Best practices for designing chatbots in mental healthcare - A case study on iHelpr
    Gillian Cameron, David Cameron, Gavin Megaw, Raymond Bond, Maurice Mulvenna, Siobhan O'Neill, Cherie Armour & Michael McTear

    Designing a Musical Game of Shogi
    Jack Davenport, Ruben Dajaegere, Mark Lochrie, John Law & Oliver Halstead

    Motion Rail: A Virtual Reality Level Crossing Training Application
    Luke Dando, Ikram Asghar, Oche A Egaji, Mark Griffiths & Emma Gilchrist

    Sway: An Adaptive Travel Platform
    Isabel Dec, Evan Chan & Santosh Basapur

    Multi-video Supervisory Target Tracking Improved by Interactive On-line Learning
    Chang Wang, Yuting Zhu, Xupeng Wen, Yifeng Niu & Lizhen Wu

    Visual Search Behaviour amongst Arabic, English and Chinese Search Engine Users
    Mohammad Alsaffar, Lyn Pemberton & Karina Rodriguez Echavarria

    Towards an Interaction Blueprint for Mixed-Reality Experiences in GLAM Spaces: The Case of the Augmented Telegrapher at Porthcurno Museum
    Michael Scott, Alcwyn Parker, Edward Powley, Rob Saunders, Jenny Lee, Phoebe Herring, Douglas Brown & Tanya Krzywinska

    Motivations in the Sharing Economy: A Study of Profit and Non-profit Services in the Tourism Context
    Greicy K Silva & Claudia Silva

    The Sharing Economy: User - Generated Rating and The Quality of Services in Tourism
    Greicy K Silva, Claudia Silva & Fernanda Lussá

    Using Persona as Lenses for a Reference Model
    Aurora Constantin, Abraham Nieva, Alex Hardisty & Malcolm Atkinson

    Rich Scientific Publications: Design Guide Based on Cognitive Framework
    Camila Wohlmuth da Silva & Nuno Correia

    Evaluation of a European Data Analytic Framework
    Andrew Boilson, Dale Weston & Regina Connolly

    Can Video-based Qualitative Analysis help us Understand User-algorithm Interaction?
    Helena Webb & Menisha Patel

    Designing human-robot interaction for dependent elderlies: a Living Lab approach
    Karine Lan Hing Ting, Mustapha Derras & Dimitri Voilmy

    Use of Low-Resolution Infrared Pixel Array for Passive Human Motion Movement and Recognition
    Yordanka Karayaneva, Samuel Baker, Bo Tan & Yanguo Jing

    inCrease: an approach for particle enhanced soft composite 3D-printed tactile displays
    Marc van Almkerk, Casper Kessels & Gijs Huisman

    Evaluating the Usefulness of the Adapted Thematic Analysis in the Process of Design
    Nela Brown

    Self-Tracking Emotional States through Social Media Mobile Photography
    Carla Nave, Teresa Romão & Nuno Correia

    Building Attacker Personas in Practice - a Digital Banking Example
    Caroline Moeckel

    A Hindi Virtual Keyboard Interface with Multimodal Feedback: A Case Study with a Dyslexic Child
    Yogesh Kumar Meena, Anirban Chowdhury, Ujjwal Sharma, Hubert Cecotti, Braj Bhushan, Ashish Dutta & Girijesh Prasad

    Beneath the Himalayas - Exploring Design for Cultural Evenness with Nepalese Children
    Dev Raj Lamichhane, Janet Read & Dan Fitton

    Broadcast Language Identification & Subtitling System (BLISS)
    Jinling Wang, Karla Muñoz Esquivel, James Connolly, Kevin Curran & Paul Mc Kevitt

    Exploring Challenges and Opportunities to Support People with Food Allergies to Find Safe Places for Eating Out
    Favina Aluvathingal, Nervo Verdezoto & Francisco Nunes

    Facilitating Social Connectedness for People with Autism and Intellectual Disability Using an Interactive App
    Mark Donnelly, Raymond Bond, Maurice Mulvenna, Laurence Taggart, Diane Hill, Pauline Fitzsimons, Suzanne Martin & Angela Hassiotis

    Back to the Future: Lessons from Knowledge Engineering Methodologies for Chatbot Design and Development
    Gillian Cameron, David Cameron, Gavin Megaw, Raymond Bond, Maurice Mulvenna, Siobhan O' Neill, Cherie Armour & Michael McTear

    Impact of Chatbot Gender on User's Stereotypical Perception and Satisfaction
    David Baxter, Marian McDonnell & Robert McLoughlin

    An Exergame Themed on the Power of Religious Belief for Stroke/Motor Rehabilitation
    Rajat Singla, Ravi Raja Ganta & Kavita Vemuri

    An exploratory study of computer supported sensemaking: Relating Representational Structure to Triage
    Kholod Alsufiani & Simon Attfield

    Study into gamification and awareness of sustainability amongst young adults
    Lucie Magnusson & Dr Emilia Sobolewska

    Eliciting Persona Characteristics for Risk Based Decision Making
    Andrew M'Manga, Shamal Faily, John Mcalaney, Chris Williams, Youki Kadobayashi & Daisuke Miyamoto

    Lyceum - Classroom without Walls
    Vivek Balachandran, Chitra Panchapakesan & Vishakh Balachandran

    Design Patterns to Enhance Teens' Museum Experiences
    Vanessa Cesário, Antonio Coelho & Valentina Nisi

    Exploring Memory Interventions in Depression through Lifelogging Lens
    Chengcheng Qu & Corina Sas

    A Process for Co-Designing Educational Technology Systems for Refugee Children
    George Alain, Tim Coughlan, Anne Adams & Helen Yanacopulos

    The Perseverance of Gender Stereotype
    Sara Tranquada & Nuno Correia

    Co-designing Cards on Social Issues for Creating Educational Games
    Christina Myers, Lara Piccolo & Trevor Collins

    Design in the Wild: Interfacing the OER learning journey
    Stefan Kreitmayer, Yvonne Rogers, Emine Yilmaz & John Shawe-Taylor

    A Design Thinking Approach to the Design of a Digital Tool to Support People on a Weight Management Journey
    Paul Doney

    Development of a Holistic System for Activity Classification Based on Multimodal Sensor Data
    Tony Rolletschke, Rico Thomanek, Christian Roschke & Marc Ritter

    A Self-Management App for Maternal Mental Health
    Anne Moorhead, Raymond Bond, Maurice Mulvenna, Siobhan O'Neill & Nuala Murphy

    Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services in MIDAS Project: Engaging Users in the Co-Design of a Health Analytics Platform
    Brian Cleland, Jonathan Wallace, Raymond Bond, Michaela Black, Maurice Mulvenna, Deborah Rankin, Julius Francis Gomes, Peter Connolly, Gorka Epelde & Susan Campbell

    The CogSIS Project: Examining the Cognitive Effects of Speech Interface Synthesis
    Leigh Clark, João Cabral & Benjamin Cowan

    A Virtual Reality Platform for Analyzing Remote Archaeological Sites
    Brendan Cassidy, Gavin Sim, David Wayne Robinson & Devlin Gandy

    Colour Coded Emotion Classification in Mental Health Social Media
    Neil Vaughan, Maurice Mulvenna & Raymond Bond

    Digital Footprints: Your Unique Identity
    Juanita Blue, Joan Condell & Tom Lunney

    Low Resolution: spectroscopy applications to smart home systems: An exploratory study
    Jordan Vincent & Bronagh Quigley

    Unobtrusive Sensing for Home-Based Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
    Idongesit Ekerete, Chris Nugent & Jim McLaughlin

    User adoption for the Worktivity mobile app to help reduce occupational sedentary behaviour in an office environment
    Matias Garcia-Constantino, Chris Nugent, Aoife Stephenson, Suzanne McDonough, Marie Murphy & Jacqueline Mair

    A Snapshot of Reading, Searching, and Browsing Preferences of Tertiary Students
    Nicholas Vanderschantz, Claire Timpany & Chun Feng

    Extending Layered Privacy Language to Support Privacy Icons for a Personal Privacy Policy User Interface
    Armin Gerl

    Considering ethics in Model View Controller architectures in human computer interaction health domain
    Ulrich Kowohl, Felix Engel, Raymond Bond, Maurice Mulvenna & Matthias Hemmje

    PositivelyPregnant: Using guided prompts in a stress-management app for pregnant women
    Carrie Barber, Sukrita Singh, Annika Hinze & Nicholas Vanderschantz

    Visitor Perceptions of the Potential for Virtual Reality in a Small Museum
    Eric Mc Namara, Dr Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin & Denise Mc Evoy

    Enterprise Master Patient Index Entity Recognition by Long Short-Term Memory Network in Electronic Health Systems
    Zhaohui Liang, Jimmy Huang, Jun Liu & Stephen Chan

    Using BLE to Pre-empt Transitions between Smart Indoor Spaces
    Hicham Rifai, Aitor Arribas Velasco, Paula Kelly, John Mcgrory & Damon Berry

    Evaluating the Usability of the Leap Motion Controller
    Dominic King, Matthew Horton & Dev Raj Lamichhane

    Industry Track papers

    Object-Based Media: A toolkit for building responsive content
    Mike Armstrong

    Learnings from Designing 'simplified' UX for Complex Planning and Scheduling Application for Enterprises
    Tanu Malhotra & Krishnan Vijayaraghavan