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    Full Papers
    Position Papers
    Works-in-Progress Papers
    Industry Track Papers
    Interactions Gallery Papers
    Doctoral Consortium Papers
    Affective Computing Workshop
    From Data to Design Workshop
    HCD for Intelligent Environments Workshop
    Digital Technology and Older People Workshop
    Digital Health Workshop

    Interactions Gallery Papers

    Gender By Numbers: Is Your Education Course Dominated By Your Opposite Gender?
    Sara Tranquada, Nuno Correia & Ana Caraban

    Psychogeography with Technology
    Tom Flint, Tanis Grandison & Helen Barrett-Dogan

    TAPCHA: An Invisible CAPTCHA Scheme
    Nan Jiang & Huseyin Dogan

    Virtual Reality Simulation and Eye Tracking to Assess Hazard Perception of Car Drivers
    Liam Ferris, Raymond Bond, Luke McNeice, Adam Grimley, Andrew Taylor, Justin Magee, Frank Lyons & Darryl Charles

    Doctoral Consortium papers

    Media Skills Training Intervention Based on Automated Recognition of Human Emotion and Non-Verbal Behaviour
    Monica Pereira

    Negotiation skills training intervention based on automated recognition of human emotion and non-verbal behaviour
    Nicole Shumskaya

    Investigating the use of TUIs and GUIs for 6 to 7 year old programming learning
    Abrar Almjaly

    Information quality analysis of online content
    Jessica Muirhead

    Designing digital behaviour change interventions to support older adults managing cardiac conditions
    David Mcquaid & Julie Doyle

    Transactive Episodes: Exploring Interaction, Memory and Narrative
    Daniel Echeverri

    Playful Interactive Systems to Support Physical Activity Among Wheelchair Users
    Liam Mason

    Exploring Post-Mortem Storytelling Applications
    Grace Ataguba

    Faceless Internet Lawyers - can they be trusted? A study of usable Security for Legal services
    Deborah Whittle

    Evaluating Mapping Designs for Conveying Data Using Auditory and Tactile Displays
    Jamie Ferguson

    Developing the data-based organisation: Exploring Data Work and Human-Data Interactions in a Cross-Organisational context
    Cathrine Seidelin

    Exploring Audience Reading Behaviour through Interactive Public Displays
    Betül Aksu

    Harnessing Learners' Perceptual Load, the Attentional States, and Interactions in Digital Learning Environments
    Indika Karunaratne

    Wearable Haptic Devices for Gait Re-education by Rhythmic Haptic Cueing
    Riasat Islam

    Dealing with uncertainty in a context aware pre-embarkation prompter system to support independent living
    Hicham Rifai, Paula Kelly & Damon Berry

    Evaluating Different Visualization Designs for Personal Health Data
    Majedah Alrehiely, Parisa Eslambolchilar & Rita Borgo

    Web-based interactive tool to support shared decision-making in the choice of treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer
    Ejike Ezeh

    Affective Computing Workshop

    User Centred Design of Social Signals Feedback for Communication Skills Training
    Monica Pereira, Federico Colecchia & Kate Hone

    The Effect of Age and Information Design on the Perception of Visual Aesthetics
    Kiemute Oyibo, Ifeoma Adaji & Julita Vassileva

    Inherent Feature Connection (I-Con) Map for Liking Emotion Detection: an EEG Study
    Zhen Liang, Shigeyuki Oba & Shin Ishii

    Measuring and Visualising Global Happiness
    Fiona Marshall, Raymond Bond & Shuai Zhang

    Which Text-Mining Technique Would Detect Most Accurate User Frustration in Chats with Conversational Agents?
    Hauke Hinrichs & Nguyen-Thinh Le

    Alexa, Emotion, Privacy & GDPR
    Eoghan Furey & Juanita Blue

    E-Bot: A facial recognition based human-robot emotion detection system
    Rahul Sridhar, Haiying Wang, Patrick McAllister & Huiru Zheng

    From Data to Design Workshop

    Thematic Analysis for Sonic Interaction Design
    Nick Bryan-Kinns, Wei Wang & Yongmeng Wu

    Analysing Texts and Drawings: The Teenage Perspective on Enjoyable Museum Experiences
    Vanessa Cesário

    Qualitative Adaptation: Informing Design for Risk-based Decision Making
    Andrew M'Manga, Shamal Faily, John McAlaney, Chris Williams, Youki Kadobayashi & Daisuke Miyamoto

    Qualitative Data Analysis Challenges in Co-Designing Educational Technology Systems for Refugee Children
    George Alain, Tim Coughlan, Anne Adams & Helen Yanacopulos

    HCD for Intelligent Environments Workshop

    Reaching a Consensus through Participatory Design with Children: The Two-Way Approach
    Tuba Uğraş, Kerem Rızvanoğlu & Sevinç Gülseçen

    The Transparency Times: An installation promoting transparency in urban sensing
    Sasha Volkov & Andrea Gagliano

    SmartAbility: Detection of reduced physical abilities through smartphone sensors
    Paul Whittington, Huseyin Dogan, Nan Jiang & Keith Phalp

    Intelligent Joystick Sensing the User's Emotion and Providing Biofeedback
    Roya Haratian

    Creating a FACETS digital toolkit to promote quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis through Participatory Design
    Beth Fairbanks, Huseyin Dogan, Nan Jiang, Keith Pretty, Andy Pulman, Peter Thomas & Sarah Thomas

    On exploring a pervasive infrastructure to foster citizens participation and sustainable development
    Catia Prandi, Valentina Nisi & Nuno Nunes

    Digital Technology and Older People Workshop

    A Community-Level Perspective on Digitally and Socially Including Older People
    James Richardson

    Assessing the Level of Adoption of a Social Network System for Older Adults
    Bilal Ahmad, Ita Richardson, Simon McLoughlin & Sarah Beecham

    Game-Based Introductory Learning: Teaching Digital Skills to Older Citizens
    Mark Springett, Suzette Keith & Gill Whitney

    The Desirability of the Use of Technology to Prevent Social Isolation of Older Adults
    Matias Garcia-Constantino, Jonathan Synnott, Chris Nugent, Austen Burns, Mike Little & Deepak Samson

    Digital Health Workshop

    Soundscaping: Sound, meaning and vision in healthcare alarm systems
    Siné McDougall & Judy Edworthy

    An Eye-gaze Oriented Context Based Interaction Paradigm Design
    Hao He, Yingying She & Jun Li

    Feature selection algorithm for high dimensional biomedical data classification based on redundant removal
    Bingtao Zhang, Peng Cao, Yi Zhang, Chaochao Zhang, Zhe Li, Zhidiao Qu, Xiaopeng Wang, Tao Lei, Hanshu Cai & Bin Hu

    Brain Stimulation and Brain Computer Interfacing
    Mohammed Ali Roula, Sriharsha Ramaraju & Peter McCarthy