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    A Methodology for Optimised Cultural User Personas Experience - CURE Architecture

    HCI 2018

    Proceedings of the 32nd International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2018)

    Belfast, UK, 4 - 6 July 2018


    Markos Konstantakis, Konstantinos Michalakis, John Aliprantis, Eirini Kalatha, Efthymia Moraitou & George Caridakis



    Cultural Heritage Institutions (CHI) are increasingly aiming at enhancing their visitors' experiences in a personalised, immersive and engaging way. A personalised system for cultural heritage promotion potentially adapts, in terms of relevance, content and presentation according to the user’s interests and needs. However, since a typical visit may be short and unrepeatable, the identification of user’s profile must be quick and efficient, ensuring the successful respective personalisation process. Current paper discusses a methodology for cultural user personas extraction and identification. The CURE approach eliminates the requirement of explicit user input via registration or similar data acquisition methods and involves three main stages: data acquisition from the user’s online and social activity, reasoning regarding persona similarity and finally data and experiences reuse from previous visits. Regarding the constructed personas, the proposed approach continuously adapts and refines the personas features from data gathered during multiple cultural experiences and accordingly creates, deletes or merges personas in case of significant deviation, poor correlation and convergence respectively.


    PDF filePDF Version of this Paper (551kb)