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    Mixed Reality Collaborative Storytelling

    HCI 2018

    Proceedings of the 32nd International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2018)

    Belfast, UK, 4 - 6 July 2018


    Irene Gironacci, Roderick McCall & Thomas Tamisier



    This paper describes a collaborative digital storytelling environment for the navigation and visualization of location-based historical information. The environment combines several technologies including data mining, information visualisation and augmented reality. A number of challenges are involved in this context, such as selection from large volumes of data and data visualization of relevant information through to creating a feelings of immersion and presence in the story. The approach encourages users to tell a story to one another through making them put the elements of the story into the correct order. It uses a combination of a mixed reality HMD and a tablet. The results point to the approach encouraging a sense of flow.


    PDF filePDF Version of this Paper (235kb)