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    Rethinking Context-aware Computing to Support Reflective Engagement

    HCI 2018

    Proceedings of the 32nd International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2018)

    Belfast, UK, 4 - 6 July 2018


    A. Baki Kocaballi and Claudia Núñez-Pacheco



    Context-aware technologies increasingly become more integrated into people’s everyday lives, providing adaptive services in seamless ways that make many everyday tasks and activities more practical and automated. However, this seamless automation of services may prevent people from reflecting on the opportunities offered by their surroundings. The perspective proposed in this paper invites designers to rethink the role of context-aware technologies as mediators of humans’ capacity to reflectively engage with their surroundings. Drawing upon the design qualities offered by seamful design and New Brutalism movement, the paper offers two ways in which contextaware technologies can support reflective engagement: visibility of technology and visibility through technology.


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