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    On the Cruelty of Computational Reasoning

    EVA Copenhagen 2018 - Politics of the Machines - Art and After

    Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15 - 17 May 2018


    Alexander Hogan, Kevin Hogan & Christian Tilt



    We seek, firstly, to demonstrate the cruelty of current computational reasoning artefacts when applied to decision making in human social systems. We see this cruelty as unintended and not a direct expression of the motives and values of those creating or using algorithms. But in our view, a certain consequence nevertheless. Secondly, we seek to identify the key aspects of some exemplars of AI products and services that demonstrate these properties and consequences and relate these to the form of reasoning that they embody. Third we show how the reasoning strategies developed and now increasingly deployed by computer and data science have necessary, special and damaging qualities in the social world. Briefly noting how the narrative underpinning the creation and use of AI and other tools provides them with power in neoliberal economies. Creating a disempowered data ‘subject’ in an inferior, economically and politically supine position from which they must defend themselves if they can.


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