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    [multi’vocal]: Reflections on Engaging Everyday People in the Development of a Collective Non-Binary Synthesized Voice

    EVA Copenhagen 2018 - Politics of the Machines - Art and After

    Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15 - 17 May 2018


    Stina Hasse Jørgensen, Alice Emily Baird, Frederik Tollund Juutilainen, Mads Pelt & Nina Cecilie Højholdt



    The growing field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) takes a step out from conventional screenbased interactions, creating new scenarios, in which voice synthesis and voice recognition become important elements. Such voices are commonly created through concatenative or parametric synthesis methods, which access large voice corpora, pre-recorded by a single professional voice actor. These designed voices arguably propagate representations of gender binary identities. In this paper we present our project, [multi’vocal], which aims to challenge the current gender binary representations in synthesized voices. More specifically we explore if it is possible to create a non-binary synthesized voice through engaging everyday people of diverse backgrounds in giving voice to a collective synthesized voice of all genders, ages and accents.


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