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    edCity - a New Learning Environment

    1st International ELeGI Conference on Advanced Technology for Enhanced Learning

    Vico Equense (Naples), Italy. 15 - 16 March 2005


    Ken Fraser & John Schostak


    edCity will facilitate learning anywhere, anytime, for anyone - for users of all ages both in traditionally taught and in pedagogically innovative courses - by fusing physical and virtual representations of real cities in order to provide a new learning framework.

    The edCity project will be scenario-driven with major conceptual inputs to the design generated by highly interactive scenario-building activities.

    After 18 months, a "Semantic Web" framework will be published and a prototype of the edCity application will be demonstrated. Tools will be developed to harvest and present learning content, generating multilingual, localised content modules accessible in the edCity environment.

    In years 2 and 3, the full edCity Learning Environment will be demonstrated in [at least] 2 European cities or regions and desk-validated in all 25 EU states. edCity will be submitted as an FP6 Project. Research, development, deployment and management will involve 15 European organisations, from 8 EU states.


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