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    DRIVE: An Environment for the Organised Construction of User-Interfaces to Databases

    Interfaces to Databases

    Edinburgh, UK. 8th - 10th July 1996


    K. Mitchell & J. Kennedy


    This paper describes a runtime user-interface development environment (UIDE) for the novel capability of interactively using and specifying user-interfaces to object-oriented databases (IDSs).

    A framework provides the foundation for IDSs constructed. This concerns interpreting an IDS, specified in a conceptual objectoriented data language, using a persistent meta model.

    A generic environment model facilitates dynamic integration of existing user-interface widgets into the meta model.

    This achieves the goal of providing a database representation independent visual environment (DRIVE).

    The architecture and use of DRIVE are described and the benefits of this approach are discussed.


    PDF filePDF Version of this Paper (162kb)